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Economic Development                                                             


"People Don't Need an Entertainment Idol, People Need an Opportunity".

At FCI we know that “Timing Is Everything" and in business it's said that; "Small Business is The Engine of Job Creation". 

However at FCI we realize that; "THERE IS NO BUSINESS THAT CREATES JOBS NOR OPPORTUNITIES." The fact is that PAYING CONSUMERS (FANS) FUND BUSINESS GROWTH. When business grows,  the demand for more jobs and opportunity are created.                              
Here are the three main reasons for the development of the FCI opportunity.
  • First, Entertainment is a product used Locally and Internationally.
  • Second, too frequently, better entertainers and producers are overlooked.
  • Third, the FANS FUND the Entertainment Industry' Billion Dollar Monopoly and Earn Nothing!
Therefore, the "Timing" of the FCI Opportunity provides that engine for business, job and economic development locally and internationally through entertainment. 

Unfortunately, today’s business system mainly promotes "Capitalism", which is self sabotaging, creates its own competition and who's objective doesn't put priority concerns on the working class but mainly benefit the cooperate bosses and "Vulture Capitalist" at the top. 

At FCI we've designed a  business system called; Group Entertainment Marketing aka "G.E.M." our NEW approach promotes: “Socialistic Capitalization” which positively benefits all those involved from the foundation of the economic development (the people aka FANS) and those who work their way to the top; simply put, it's "Network Marketing"

To find out more check out: "How To Get Started".


At FCI we provide customer's savings on entertainment products and events. Why? "Because we believe saving money goes better in your pocket."