A New Entertainment Industry

"Where Artists get a fresh new start" 

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where a new world of film comes to life"

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where technical creativity is an asset"

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where dancers dance on the clouds" 

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Experience the thrill of Victory"

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where the stage comes to life" 

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where fashion and beauty is a new way of life"

A New Entertainment Industry

"Where creative writers change the World" 

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where comedians make daily laughter healthy"

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where Fans are paid for being fans"

Wisdom & Understanding

Keith Laggos, PhD

President & Publisher

Network Marketing Business Journal

Dr. Gwendolyn Hughes, 

Advisor of Marketing

Founder/CEO/Higher Hieghts Inc.  

Bryan Kinney
Advisor of Business Tax Management
President / CEO: The Tax Masters.COM

Ben Weisman

Advisor of Music Production

CEO: Parliament Records

Denitra G. Smith

Advisor of Event Planning

CEO: Stargazer Events/ Designs

Larry James Robinson

Advisor of Theater Arts

Sag Actor,Producer,Writer

Cynthia White

Advisor of Graphic Design

President / CEO: Day & NightGraphic Design

Melvyn De Rixey

Advisor of Film Production

Producer/CEO of KIMOA Broadcast Ent.

Dr. Joshua Smith

Evangelist Cherlyn Smith

Advisor of Education

Loving to Learn

Kenneth Williams

Advisor of Music


Jewel With Love Gospel Group

Yvette Geater

Advisor of Financial Affairs

President/CEO of Creative Tax Inc.

Michael Scott Blackman

Advisor of Actor's Production

SAG Actor

Leonard F. Delpit

F.C.I Advisor

President/CEO of South Central News

Julio Cesar Rivas aka “Lil’ Cesar” 

Advisor of Dance

Founder/CEO Radiotron & Lil’ Cesar   Productions