A New Entertainment Industry

"Where Artists get a fresh new start" 

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where a new world of film comes to life"

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where technical creativity is an asset"

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where dancers dance on the clouds" 

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Experience the thrill of Victory"

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where the stage comes to life" 

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where fashion and beauty is a new way of life"

A New Entertainment Industry

"Where creative writers change the World" 

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where comedians make daily laughter healthy"

 A New Entertainment Industry

"Where Fans are paid for being fans"

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The Fan Club International, Inc

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“Where The Entertainment Revolution Has Begun!”

Las Vegas, Nevada

November 21, 2014

Rickie Tedford, CEO announces the opening of The Fan Club International, Inc

“Marketing Phase”


Once in a while…IDEAS are born that are not only REVOLUTIONARY but EXPLOSIVE!!!

The Fan Club International, Inc. aka FCI is an Entertainment Marketing Company that's created a "NEW" Reality, Identity, Purpose and Destiny to produce a "NEW ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY" that provides you "True Entertainment Empowerment.” FCI operates like an “Entertainment Broker”, “Promoting and Developing”, aspiring, independentas well as experienced entertainers and entertainment companies.


Our Mission: To provide Fans the best new upcoming, and recognized Entertainers and Independent Companies: to provide a variety of exciting music, movies, entertainment products, fashions and events.

** Entertainment Fans, now be part of the Entertainment Industry and build your own Entertainment Marketing Company.

** Entertainers, learn how "Your Fans" can "Get Paid" for "Buying" your products and "Attending" your events.                                                              

**Entertainers, learn how "You Can Still Get Paid” when “You’re Fans” “Purchase” other entertainer’s products or “Attend” other entertainer’s events.

** Entertainers, "Maintain Full Rights" to your entertainment products and more.

** Entertainment Companies,  "Joint Network" with Entertainers and Fans to build a "NEW ENTERTAINMENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM.

The Fan Club International focuses on the latest in UPCOMING ENTERTAINERS, MUSIC, FILM, STAGE, FASHION and more. This allows fans the best REAL PRODUCT in music, film and concerts and events. 

FCI’s cornerstone product is our: “Entertainment Empowerment Package”. This provides you CD, DVD, Books, Restaurant Discounts, Event Passes and more. This also provides added value. At FCI we’ll show you how to make your business successful.

The Fan Club International’s “NEW” approach is “Group Entertainment Marketing” aka G.E.M. With G.E.M., building Your Own Entertainment Marketing Company has never been so easy and fun. No more fighting to get people to come to and opportunity meeting.

Just invite your friends, family or associates to a “FREE” Showcase Event. And let FCI market to your customers and associates for you.

 # # #

If you’d like more information about this company or to schedule an interview with Rickie Tedford, contact Roslyn Harris at (424) 785-0556 or rharris@fanclubinternational.com