The Fan Club International Inc. 
"Where The Entertainment Revolution Has Begun!"

What People Are Saying

Rickie G. Tedford Jr. 
Vice President of Youth Development
The Fan Club International
The Fan Club has created a great opportunity for young people who are looking to find good clean music, entertainment products, concerts and events. FCI also provides business development and training for teen entrepreneurs to start their own part-time or full time entertainment distribution business and earn extra income as well.
Keith Laggos, PhD
President & Publisher
Network Marketing Business Journal
"The Fan Club offers a unique approach to entertainment. It allows members to participate in the entertainment industry and not just be on-lookers. Fan Club also allows access to new and up-coming entertainers that will not be attainable anywhere else. In fact, members can even help discover such potential stars.
The fan club's marketing strategy and compensation plan is equally exciting. The fan club has the promise to bring entertainment and business opportunity to a whole new exciting level.”
Leonard F. Delpit,
FCI Advisor
President/CEO of South Central News
"The Fan Club is an excellent and unique opportunity for those who have tried to get into the music industry and have been rejected. It also has a unique way of allowing the Artist to get exposure; an opportunity that they would not normally be able to get in the current entertainment industry. 
It offers a fresh breath of air for those who would like to obtain an opportunity to be self promoted, without the restraints and restrictions of the promoters. There is truly an opportunity for everyone, fan and artist alike.  
I highly recommend that any artist with a clean heart let the power of The Fan Club International work for you. Dreams do come true. I would like to give my special thanks to the President and CEO, Rickie G. Tedford Sr. and the exceptional team that he has assembled for their accomplishments they’ve made to make this to happen. “Unique, unique, unique is what it is”. 
FCI Advisor
CEO of Stargazer Events & Design
"I believe the concept of Fan Club International will spread like wild fire in a forest! It is destined to be a great vehicle for all artists seeking mass exposure and will also be a wonderful investment for consumers regardless of their level of participation". 
Vice President of International Entertainers Relations
I am an Actress and Singer from the Greater Los Angeles Area. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world and perform with such greats as Harry Belafonte,Barry White, and Andre Crouch, who is my Pastor and others. 
I am really, really excited about The Fan Club. What I appreciate is, as a performer, it provides you the opportunity to make money off your work right at the beginning. 
BOB "Mr. Inspirational" WEILAND
Vice President of Recruitment & Marketing
President/CEO of Strive For Success Seminars
“I’d like to salute my long time 30 year friend, Rickie Tedford for the developing the concept of The Fan Club International. It provides an avenue not normally given for the individual artist. It offers a person the opportunity to make additional income. 
It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, Jazz, Gospel, Rock & Roll, you’ll find it here at the Fan Club. So get on board, don’t miss out. We are going worldwide. GOD Bless
(The Late Great) MAMA JEWEL ROWE
Founder of "Jewel With Love Gospel Group"
Vice President of International Artists Development
The Fan Club International Inc. 
“ I think The Fan Club is a great concept. As an Artist it takes artist to another level and I feel that all artist both local and international should come aboard. It a great income earning opportunity for the Fan as well as the artist. It is the new wave for today and the future to come.” 
Executive Producer/Parliament Records
Vice President of International Music Development
The Fan Club International Inc. 

“I’ve been in the music industry since the 50’s. The music industry is not run the way it use to be. In the old days an artist would take his music to the radio station, if they liked it they would play it and it was a chance it could be a hit. 
Today, people don’t go to the radio station so, most records are not even heard. But looking at The Fan Club International, I have to tell you it’s a great idea. You get to get music to the people, and who buys music? The People. I believe that the Fan Club International could be the next big boom in the music industry.”
FCI Advisor/Founder & CEO of Higher Heights & Associates
The Fan Club International is the 21st Century, State Of The Arts Network Marketing concept with is on the cutting edge. This plan is designed to allow you to be an entrepreneur with little experience and have the support of the Fan Club Business Alliance. 
This is an incredible opportunity for anyone to start a home base business with a company and concept that allows you to move forward with the best program, the best industry and at the best time. Not to forget, the income potential is phenomenal. 
Gospel Vocal Artist/Bill Lomax and Friendz

“As an independent writer, producer, and gospel artist, Ricky Tedford has given me a venue to showcase what God has given to me as part of my purpose. The Fan Club can promote what God has ordained not just with my ministry(CD, concerts), but others as well. The concept of artist, company and fan in partnerships is not just new, but innovative. William Lomax Ministries is looking forward to a lasting and rewarding relationship with Rickie Tedford.
"May God bless The Fan Club International.”