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Meet the FCI Visionary

Rickie G. Tedford Sr.,President/CEO
Rickie G. Tedford Sr.  was born to a Coal Miner, Ralph and Lessie Mae Bethune-Tedford in Lynch Kentucky. He is the 8th of 11 siblings. When Rickie was an infant, his Parents had no choice but to send Rickie to live with his Aunt and Uncle (Rayfield and Victor Lee Woodard) in Los Angeles, California. Kentucky's winter was too much for an infant and the coal mines shut down which cause the family to struggle financially.
While in Jr. High, at Gompers Middle School, Rickie discovered a love for acting. There, he co-starred in his first stage play as "Oscar" in "The Odd Couple". His portrayal of the character impressed his Drama Instructor greatly. In addition to "The Odd Couple" Rickie was lead man in 7 plays.
In High School Rickie began his career in football. In the 10th grade, he tried out for the position of Quarterback, and became Locke High's starting Quarterback for the B and Junior Varsity teams.  In addition to football, Rickie starred in a trilogy entitled, "The Man and the Cockroach".
After graduation from High School, Rickie turned down a Scholarship to Pepperdine University in Drama to pursue his interest in Sports. He accepted a Scholarship to attend the "University of La Verne in La Verne, California. Not only did he shine on the football field, he also excelled academically. Rickie was listed as one of the top 20 students of his graduating class, and was published in "Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges" 1976-1977 43rd Addition. For his senior year thesis, Rickie produced, directed and starred in a two-hour musical called "Festival of Dance and Acts." After Rickie's graduation, this musical event was performed for many years.
Upon graduation, his desire to pursue a career in Professional Football continued. Rickie enrolled in Cal State, Los Angeles, where he met his long time friend Bob "Mr. Inspiration" Wieland who was the University's Strength and Flexibility Coach. Training under Bob's tutelage advanced Rickie's mental and leadership ability, strength and speed to the next level of Professional Football. Rickie played the position of Quarterback for the, Orange County Rhinos,  Los Angeles Northsmen, and the, Spokane Goldenhawks in Washington State. 
He attended camp with the Seattle Seahawks, the Los Angeles Rams, scouted by the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders. Throughout his football career, Rickie has been featured in many local and national newspapers, radio interviews and press conferences.

After football, Rickie joined the Los Angeles Police Academy and graduated as class President. He served the city 16 years before deciding to establish his own business. 
Since leaving the Los Angeles Police Department, Rickie has acted in a short film entitled "Dear Jimmy." He played the role as "Joe" the prison guard. "See movie trailer"
Today, Rickie resides in California with his wife, Arlene Tedford Esq. and 4 young adult children and a grandchild. Rickie is also the Host of The Fan Club International Blog Talk Radio Show which airs Sundays, 3:00 Pacific Standard Time.To find out more about the show, go to;
Rickie's concept of The Fan Club International came to him one day while on his way to a local bible college (Southern California Community Bible College) where he taught classes as an Ordained Minister. While entering the bible college, he heard music coming from a vehicle on the street. The song contained extreme vulgarity. Rickie began to pray and ask GOD what he could do to change the direction of the Entertainment Industry!
There, GOD gave him the "Revelation" and it's called:
The Fan Club International