The Fan Club International Inc. 
"Where The Entertainment Revolution Has Begun!"

The Foundation For Development

When developing The Fan Club International, we took in consideration that we would be doing three "Unique" things that has never been done before anywhere in the world in the entertainment industry.
  • First, to "Empower" the people (The Fans) to be part of the Entertainment Industry.
  • Second, provide various "New" avenues of exposure for "New" and "Better" entertainers or "Re-Discover" experienced and sometimes forgotten entertainers.
  • Third, "Truly" network them with "New" entertainment companies as well as introduce a new and better "Out Of The Box" way for seasoned entertainment companies to marketing their products and events.
When developing our plan we included a "Foundation For Developing" your success.
That's why we designed the following programs:
1. Total Legal Connection (aka) T.L.C. which provides personal as well as business legal services.This is very important for developing a business. 
2. The F.A.C.T. Program which provides fans the opportunity to take part in the development of entertainment productions and receive "Perks" while helping you the entertainer or entertainment company develop entertainment projects. 
3. The Fan Club Blog Talk Radio Show which gives entertainers, authors, spoken word poets, business owners, public speakers, producers and more who need exposure for your entertainment projects, products or special cause.
4. The FAN Magazine that is designed to give you online exposure or advertisement via e-publication.
For more information call: (702) 997-3131 or (424) 785-0556. Or email us at: