The Fan Club International Inc. 
"Where The Entertainment Revolution Has Begun!"

Become a FCI Associate

Here is how it works. Our Group Entertainment Marketing System aka G.E.M. uses a:"5X5 FORCED MATRIX" marketing structure to promote sales. 
Next, there are Four Associate Entry Levels you can enter at:
Now, for the first time ever, the fans are added to the equation by allowing fans to earn income.
As you move forward, you must build a MATRIX, (team) which requires you to recruit or enroll at least three of your five front-line Associates.
Next, place any additional recruits (spill over) that you may encourage to join your team, anywhere in your down-line within any of your five legs. 
Simultaneously, your up-line is doing the same (causing a spill over under you and your team) while you help your down-line and they help their down line, thus creating teamwork throughout your MATRIX. This is done until your 5X5 MATRIX is completed five levels. You'll earn override commissions on your Customers and Associates as they purchase products and venues tickets.
As your team continues to build, your sixth through tenth levels are your "Generation Bonus Levels", while your ninth and tenth levels are your "Manager Pool Bonus Levels". As your team builds, it helps you promote and qualify for increase volume and qualifies you for additional bonuses and much more. This process creates the New Entertainment Distribution System.
Your business development is supported by FCI Visionary Partners who are comprised of "Independent Business Consultants". These “Consultants” are a diverse team of independent business professionals who've merged their business expertise’s to implement a New, Unique and "Out of The Box" approach to marketing music, film, stage and other areas of entertainment and personal empowerment.

To find out more, see: FCI Compensation Plans