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Wisdom & Understanding

Ben Weisman
Advisor of Music Production
CEO: Parliament Records 
Parliament Records has been in business for over sixty years. During that time, Ben Weisman has been an Icon in the Music Industry. Ben is well known among many of the top record producing companies in the Industry. Ben is currently working with such music greats as former R & B singer: now know as “Bishop Joe Simon”
Ben Weisman has discovered many great artists, which includes Legendary Blues Artists: Ben Harper and Harmonica Fats.
Ben discovered and produced the Internationally know R & B Recording Group “Atlantic Starr.” Ben also, wrote and published the song, “Little Altar Boy”, and has over 50 cover records worldwide. In addition, Ben discovered and produced the R & B singing Group “Pyramid” for Capital Records, plus many, many more. 
Denitra G. Smith
Advisor of Event Planning
CEO of Stargazer Events & Designs
Denitra Smith is a certified meeting and special events planner and a certified interior 
decorator. She has been turning events into special occasions for over ten years. Her one of a kind design is born out of her instinctive and intuitive ideas. As president of Stargazer Events & Designs, in Los Angeles, she has planned numerous high-profiled events. Denitra is the point person for all event elements including catering, floral and balloon arrangements, set design and personal shopping services. 
Some listings in Denitra’s event resume hint at her corporate world job at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the nation’s largest wholesale water provider. She has helped coordinate Metropolitan events for the American Association of Latino Elected Officials, First AME Church of Los Angeles, the International Water Boundary Commission, National Drought Policy, and Metropolitan’s Annual Tradeshow for Diversity Month. 
In addition to corporate sponsored events, Denitra coordinates birthday parties, weddings, retirement celebrations, baby showers, girl’s night spa parties, and floral design classes. 
Melvyn De Rixey
Advisor of Film Production
Producer/CEO of KIMOA Broadcast Entertainment 
Melvyn De Rixey brings 41 years of experience of working in the television, film, radio, broadcast industry. This Award winning Producer, Director, Broadcaster, and Actor, was born and raised in New York, where he started his broadcasting career at an early age in 1965, as a studio producer for a local teen television show., since that time he has worked on and off Broadway and television as an actor, directed and produced for television, been an on air radio personality, a radio station program director here in Los Angeles, a US Army broadcast officer, and print journalist. 
Mr. De Rixey holds credentials in Broadcast Television production/communication, he also holds credentials in film directing and producing, theater, TV/Film editing, digital audio engineering, and music composition. Mr. De Rixey has taught at various educational facilities, workshops, and community forums. In addition to numerous awards, in 1991, Mr. De Rixey, received the Golden Star Halo Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council for his achievements as an Actor, Director, and Broadcaster, to the Television and Motion Picture Industry. 
Mr. De Rixey is currently Producer/Director for KIMOA Broadcast Entertainment, Hollywood, an Instructor at Victor Valley College where he teaches Radio and Television Voice-overs and Digital audio for the Broadcast Media, on weekends he works as a studio director and instructor for The American Radio and Television Network, he also co-manages “Rahmlee” Michael Davis a former member of “Earth, Wind and Fire and “Phil Collins Grammy award winning musical groups.
Kenneth Williams
Advisor of Music
Vocalist/Jewel With Love Gospel Group
Kenneth Williams Born April 12, 1972 in Torrance, California, started in music as a child. He was one of the lead vocalist in the pastors choir, also was featured as a vocalist in school assemblies for his class. Grade 6th he wrote and performed a song for the 6th grade graduating class. Kenneth is a self taught Musician and considers that a gift from God. As a teen he became the musician for his church, and a group entitled The Voices of Eden. In this group he served as president, keyboardist, vocalist, and song writer. While with this group they toured twice across the United States. 
While in high school, he participated in the Chorus, and Band. After his appearance at the schools Talent show he became the first vocalist in the history of El Camino Real High School to be featured in the jazz band. As a solo artist he has been featured as a part of the Urban League's "Do the Right Thing" Program an event that encourages children to achieve greatness.
He was also featured as a vocalist for Los Angeles Unified School District's L.A. Reads Program Performing for thousands In the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and The Los Angeles Sports Arena. Kenneth has been featured in the Los Angeles Times for his Vocal Contribution in the service of “Golden Threads” which gives tribute to innocent bystanders who have lost lives due to gang violence, Drugs, and other tragedies. He was featured in The Los Angeles Sentinel, performed at Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center Graduation and performed for the opening of the Watts Civic Center. Kenneth served as musical director at the Miracle Theater in Inglewood California. 
He also received various accommodations for his contribution as a vocalist and as a Community Representative for the Los Angeles Unified School District. There, he worked to increase literacy in our communities and now he serves as the Minister of Music at the First Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church and the Power of Faith Baptist Church. In addition, he works with the youth department of The Zion Temple Baptist Church. Finally, he is member of the “Jewel With Love” Gospel Group; where he servers as Band Director and one of the lead vocalist. 
Larry James Robinson
Advisor of Theater Arts
Sag Actor,Singer,Producer,Writer
Larry Robinson is a product of South Central Los Angeles. Larry took interest in the performing arts at the early age of nine. By age twelve, Larry was performing professionally while touring with “The Young Soul” a cadre of artists from Samuel Gompers Jr. High School in Los Angeles, CA. This young group of artist mesmerized thousands of students throughout California with their powerful message through poetry, dance and song accompanied by a jazz orchestra. A film was also made to capture the exceptional excellence of “Young Soul” in 1968 produce by Barry Kroeger. 
Larry went on tour for three years and starred in the black opera entitled “Bread Beans and Things” written and directed by Julius Johnson. He also played the part of “Purlie” in the Ossie Davis musical “Purlie Victorious.” By age seventeen, Larry had starred in three movies and performed in over two hundred shows. 
While attending CSUN he had roles on the most noted television shows of “Good Times” and “What’s Happening”. Upon obtaining a degree in Theatre and Science and working in an educational setting, Larry began writing children’s plays, stories and songs. In the early eighties, he was commissioned to write and direct a musical entitled “Great Getting Up Mornin” including such great legends as Rosa Parks and Roscoe Lee Brown. 
This endeavor generated over $65,000 in only one evening performance. Larry’s professional teaching career in the fields of Math and Drama expands over two decades. Larry is currently involved in several entrepreneurial projects which include the culturally creative performance group; “Cosmic Blend” and Robinson Enterprises (a family catering business). Larry has received numerous certificates of recognition for his work in theatre.  
Larry has also, authored several projects with Theater Perception Consortium aka “TPC” and continues to serve as a creative and technical consultant, working with artists with various community groups. He is currently working on several scripts, receiving a nomination from the 2004 NAACP Theatre Award for “Best Playwright” and received the NAACP Theatre Award for “Best Ensemble” for North On South Central Avenue, a “Hot Historical Entertaining Educational Musical. Today Larry is preparing to launch his works Worldwide. Larry brings over 40 years of advisory,entertainment experience to The Fan Club International.
Julio Cesar Rivas aka “Lil’ Cesar” 
Advisor of Dance
Founder/CEO Radiotron & Lil’ Cesar Productions
Mr. Julio Cesar Rivas aka “Lil’ Cesar” is the Founder/CEO of Radiotron and “Lil’ Cesar” Productions. Mr. Rivas is a living Hip-Hop Legend, but more importantly he IS the ongoing essence, authenticity, preservation, and development of Hip-Hop culture.
For ten years, Mr. Julio Cesar Rivas aka “Lil’ Cesar” (the re-creator of Radiotron) has produced and directed the RADIOTRON Hip-Hop expo/competition event where dancers, deejays, emcees, and graffiti artists have the opportunity express themselves and display their skills. Lil’ Cesar has dedicated his life to providing the Hip-Hop community with an atmosphere where everyone including young people can feel a sense of belonging.
Lil’ Cesar’s RADIOTRON became the focal point of early Hip-Hop culture, playing host to Breakin's first underground event in 1982 and appearing in movies such as Breakin’, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, Breaking and Entering, as well as in many music videos. RADIOTRON continues to be the mother of Hip-Hop in Los Angeles.
Big name stars that are synonymous with the international Hip-Hop movement have supported and appeared at RADIOTRON events. Old school legends such as: Air Force Crew, Kurtis Blow, Ice-T, Dre, Shake City Rockers, Greg Mac, Egyptian Lover, Mr. Freeze, Fresh, Chain Reaction, Don Camballock, Jurassic 5, Huey, New York City Breakers, Rocksteady, Tony Bazel, Pop n Taco, Fabulous Lockers, Boogaloo Shrimp, Baka Boys, Sway and Tech, Pop n Pete, Orko, Mr. Wiggles, Renegades, Style Elements, LA Breakers, Rockin Wizards, Project Blow, and Michael Jackson Productions are but a few of the names that have performed at RADIOTRON events.
Lil' Cesar, from Air Force Crew, has taken on the responsibility of keeping RADIOTRON alive. He has spent the last 20 years dancing all over the world with his group the Air Force Crew and has worked with artists/entertainers such as Janet Jackson, Kurtis Blow, Madonna, and Jay Leno to name a few. In 1997, he received The Wake Up Show Award from 92.3 The Beat in Los Angeles and its millions of listeners that selected him in acknowledgement of his talent as a driving force in the Hip-Hop Nation. In 2000, he received the Innovator Award at the first annual Hip-Hop Awards in recognition of his lifetime achievements and contributions to Hip-Hop dance.
Working now in conjunction with The Fan Club International as an Advisor the Born Again Christian Mr. Rivas, who prefers to be called Lil’ Cesar, has dedicated himself to creating a clean and empowering environment in which breakin’/b-boying and all of the elements of Hip-Hop including deejayin’, emceein’, lockin’, poppin’, beat-boxin’, and graffiti art can display their skills and fulfill their highest potentials by expressing themselves consistent with our commitment to build, serve, and uplift our communities. Hip-Hop is, after all, originally and essentially peace, love, unity, and having fun!
Michael Scott Blackman
Advisor of Actor's Production
SAG Actor
Michael Scott Blackman brings to The Fan Club International an array of entertainment, business and marketing experience. Michael is also a Born Again Spirit Filled Christian. 
Michael has developed an array of entertainment skills in such areas as Scene Studies, Voice over Techniques, Shakespeare, Commercials, Comedy Improvisations, Business Principles, Commercials and T.V. Sit-Com Experience through continued training at such places as the Ted Liss Studio of the Performing Arts, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, White Elephant/Lillian Theatre and Van Mar Academy. 
Michael has been featured in such films as “Spider Man I”, “The Duplex”, “Rocky & Bullwinkle”, “Coyote Ugly”, and “Color of Money”. He’s also been the lead in; “Let Me Love You” and a supporting part in; “The Seed”. 
He’s also had supporting roles in television in; “Lady Blue” and commercial lead role in “Columbia Cable”. His theater experience include such plays as; “A Mid-Summer Nights Dream”, “Hamlet”, “Othello”, “Scream, Scream, Scream”, “Crossing Delancy”, “The Education Of Hyman Kaplan”, “Robin Hood”, “Equus”, “Carousel”, “Guys And Dolls” and “Oklahoma”. 
Michael also performs impersonation skills of such stars as: John Wayne, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Sylvester Stallone, Rodney Dangerfield and Jackie Mason.
Michael was also a Golden Glove Boxer in 1983, played Baseball and he also enjoys game of Golf and in his spare time helps golfers with their golf game. 
Michael’s contribution to The Fan Club International Inc. as an Advisor will positively impact actors, business people and entertainers alike. And affect the entertainment industry worldwide. 
Dr. Gwendolyn Hughes, 
Advisor of Marketing
Founder and CEO/Higher Hieghts Inc.
Dr Gwendolyn Hughes has been the CEO of Higher Hieghts Inc for the past eleven years. Dr Gwendolyn Hughes has over 20 years of experience in the fields of Management, Consulting, Business Development, Banking, Public Relations and Insurance.
Dr. Hughes has extensive experience, and knowledge in Strategic Planning, Land Development, Administration, Sales, Marketing and Leadership Development. 
This has allowed her the opportunity to do business with some of the major Fortune 100 Companies, Government Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations and Local Neighborhood Grass Roots Agencies. 
Dr. Hughes has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University Malibu. She attended Graduate school at UCLA and holds an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities Degree from St. Stephens University. 
Lou Corlis
Advisor of Information Technology/Accounting
The Fan Club International
Lou Corlis' formal education is from the United States Naval Academy, Wentworth Military Academy, University of Wyoming, and Arizona State University where he majored in Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Accounting. 
Lou was divinely led into computer programming as a career path. For over 40 years he has developed expertise in Automation / Process Control programming (GE, Control Data Corp, Docutel and ARCO/Exxon), Mainframe programming (ARCO and Centurytel), Client Server programming (Cinergy, Vercuity and WMC Mortgage), PC programming (ARCO and WMC Mortgage), and Web programming (Centurytel, Cinergy, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Vercuity and WMC Mortgage). He has held principle programming, project and management positions for Computer Manufacturers, Engineering and Oil Companies. He has worked as a professional IT Consultant for the last 8 years to Communications, Utility, Railway and Financial Institutions. 
Lou’s volunteer work has been public speaking, fund raising, bible teaching, evangelism, counseling at the 700 Club television program, and pasturing of the Prudhoe Bay Community Church in the Alaska oilfield. Lou also led 2 missionary teams to Russia , and did intercessory prayer for “The Promise” (a passion play in Glen Rose, Texas).
Yvette Geater
Advisor of Financial Affairs 
President/CEO of Creative Tax Inc. 
Yvette Geater is first and foremost the proud mother of 3 wonderful sons. She has had over 12 years of experience in accounting and taxation. She’s been a comptroller for major US Corporations and is currently the CEO of Creative Tax in Long Beach California. 
She is a founding Member of the “Tax Masters Professional Network”, and a recipient of many awards from “Tax Smart America” and other professional memberships. 
She is a highly sought after public speaker and recognized expert on taxation and small businesses solutions. She has been invited to speak at various organizations like the United States Customs Department, Crystal Stairs, Children's Homes Society, F.A.M.E. (First A.M.E. Church), World Lending Group, XangoTM and others.
Bryan Kinney
Advisor of Business Tax Management
President / CEO: The Tax Masters.COM

Mr. Bryan Kinney is the CEO of Kinney Services Inc. and founder of The Tax Mr. Kinney has been in business for over thirty-six years beginning in the 8th grade. Over the years, Mr. Kinney and his family have operated two Kinney’s Family Stores, a Restaurant, a Real Estate Firm, and a Property Management Company. And they currently own and operate the largest independent Income Tax Firm in the City of Compton.

The Tax Master’s specializes in Tax Reduction Strategies for the Home Based Business industry (especially Network Marketers, Real Estate Agents and Daycare Providers), Entity Formations & Operations (Corporations, LLC & Limited Partnerships), audit representation and IRS Collections.

Mr. Kinney developed and operated the first independent tax company in the City of Compton to offer electronic filing. Today they offer a wide variety of electronic filing products including rapid refunds and instant refunds. Another feature of The Tax Masters is “The Tax School” which offers both the 60-hour Certification that is required to obtain CTEC status with the State of California and continuing education courses, which are required to maintain the CTEC certification.

Cynthia White
Advisor of Graphic Design
President / CEO: Day & Night Graphic Design

Ms. Cynthia White graduated from Long Beach State University in 1977 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She later gained experience in Radio Broadcasting, where she functioned in the positions of Traffic Manager, Radio Announcer, and Board Operator.

She gain additional experience at Channel #46 as a Camera Operator, Video Control Operator, News Copy Writer as well as Make-Up Artist.

In 1997 Cynthia enrolled at Platt College in the City Cerritos. She obtained her Certificate in Graphic Design in 1998.

She later contracted with such companies as Professional Flyers Service a Real Estate Advertising Company and the Port of Long Beach. In 1998 she made the decision to start her own company, Day and Night Graphic Design.
Keith Laggos, PhD
President & Publisher
Network Marketing Business Journal

The Fan Club offers a unique approach to entertainment. It allows members to participate in the entertainment industry and not just be on-lookers. Fan Club also allows access to new and up-coming entertainers that will not be attainable anywhere else. In fact, members can even help discover such potential stars.
The fan club's marketing strategy and compensation plan is equally exciting. The fan club has the promise to bring entertainment and business opportunity to a whole new exciting level.”
Leonard F. Delpit
F.C.I Advisor
President/CEO of South Central News
The Fan Club is an excellent and unique opportunity for those who have tried to get into the music industry and have been rejected. It also has a unique way of allowing the Artist to get exposure; an opportunity that they would not normally be able to get in the current entertainment industry. 
It offers a fresh breath of air for those who would like to obtain an opportunity to be self promoted, without the restraints and restrictions of the promoters. There is truly an opportunity for everyone, fan and artist alike.  
I highly recommend that any artist with a clean heart let the power of The Fan Club International work for you. Dreams do come true. I would like to give my special thanks to the President and CEO, Rickie G. Tedford Sr. and the exceptional team that he has assembled for their accomplishments they’ve made to make this to happen. “Unique, unique, unique is what it is”.