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The FAN Magazine solutions enable companies to effectively engage with their target audience, deliver a better customer experience, and improve business results and making a successful transition from print to online magazines and newspapers.
The FAN Magazine is interactive and designed to improve the variety view and increase customer loyalty.
Although print is not dead, the business model for magazines, newspapers and other printed publications is changing rapidly.
Production Challenges

  • Fan Magazine provides e-publications for free, on-demand news content
  • Authors and publishers overcome the difficulty in linking advertising to measurable buyer behavior.
  • Authors and publishers now find it challenging to discern which print content is most appealing to readers.
  • Print and distribution costs are on the rise, thus giving authors and publishers a strong incentive to go digital.
How FAN Magazine helps

With the FAN Magazine, the future generation online reading experience is very similar to reading a magazine, but, enhanced with engaging online video. The ‘view and control’ of the content is conserved, while the spontaneous direction-finding ensures ease of use. Here’s how The FAN Magazine will help authors and publishers:
  • Extends the reach of online publications. FAN patrons will have an estimated increased readership by up to 100 percent. With readers sharing content, customers will generated higher traffic from search engines by using the FAN Magazine.
  • With cost-efficient e-publishing, the FAN Magazine customers will save.
  • To find out more about the FAN Magazine you can email us at: fanmagazine@fanclubinternational.comor you can call us at: (702) 997-3131 or (424) 785-0556.