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Entertainer & Artist Empowerment

If you are an Independent Entertainer or New Independent Entertainment Company, "Traditional" entertainment wisdom has told you; "You've got to spend lot's of (your) money to have another company, firm or person represent, direct, and "control" you and your finances, in order to be successful. Let us be the first to tell you that's "NOT TRUE"!
At FCI we have created a new entertainment marketing strategy that creates a new Reality, Identity, Purpose and Destiny to put YOU the Entertainer in control.
If you're an artist, let us show you how you can control the rights to your your projects. Don't be mislead, controlled or pressured by some entertainment company. You can know and do what they do. That's right; "Do It Yourself". Let' our experts show you how to be your own business. See: Vice Presidents
If you are an Entertainment Company let us show you how to "Network" with your entertainers to create a life long business relationship with your artist or entertainers. See: G.E.M. Marketing
The Fan Club International Inc. operates as an "Entertainment Broker" by networking the fans, entertainers and the entertainment industry. If you're a "Producer", Entertainer, "Promoter" or "Entrepreneur", our unique "Out of the Box" marketing concept is designed to secure your success.
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To learn more on how this is done, see: FCI Business Opportunity. For more information call us at: (702) 997-3131  or (424) 785-0556  or you can email us at: