The Fan Club International Inc. 
"Where The Entertainment Revolution Has Begun!"

Operation Star Search


Our Entertainment Development team is in search of:
  1. Vocal Artists (All Genres)
  2. Actors
  3. Comedians
  4. Movie Producers
  5. Script Writers
  6. Music Producers
  7. Musicians
  8. Promoters
  9. Organizers
10. Poets
11. Fashion Designers & Models
12. Magicians
13. Dancers
14. Product Vendors
15. Authors
16. Entrepreneurs.
If you have an earnest desire to work in the entertainment industry you must be 18 years of age or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We welcome concerned or usually called “Stage Parents". Parents or agents are encouraged to accompany performers of any age.
Rules for Auditions
1. You may use some light choreography during audition and performance.

2. No profanity, obscenity is allowed to be performed in audition or actual performance.

3. To find out more about Operation Star Search visit the Fan Club International Site at: or call (702) 997-3131 (424) 785-0556.
4. To sign up for auditions, contest or events please email your pictures and bio to:
Benefits of Auditions
1.The FCI team of Visionary Partners (aka VP's) can help you perfect your talent.

2.Get a chance to Meet agents, producers and other recording and film professionals and industry guests.

3.You will be given suggestions in order to teach you how to better deliver your message, be it spoken or musical. 

4. F.C.I. can show you how to be legally protected, understand the copyrights of your intellectual properties, be it music, film, lyrics or poetry.

5. Earn consideration to work in our showcase touring performances.

6.Create your own entertainment Fan Club International Social Website.
7. Get exposure on The Fan Club Blog Talk Radio Show