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At FCI Entertainment Becomes The Avenue To BIGGER And BETTER Opportunities!

Announcing The Opportunity Of A Life Time

The Hottest Most Revolutionary Entertainment Opportunity Of The Decade will Soon Be A Reality!

The Fan Club International is in the expansion stages of its entertainment marketing. This opportunity is for ANYONE with a sincere desire to success regardless of background or experience.
This business is about showing not selling. As a FCI Associate, you'll find your efforts directed sharing FCI Common Sense Approach to "Entertainment Empowerment", which is to;show people how to save money and make money on entertainment with money they are already spending.
This is done by sharing the FCI Membership with those you talk with every day rather than convincing people to buy something they feel they may not need. FCI Associates come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, such as... Education, Sales, Law Enforcement, Stay-at-home Parents, Students and others. You'll receive support and training to give you "Hands On" experience on how to share the FCI Opportunity Plan with others. As your Customers or Associates purchase product, commissions are paid weekly, monthly and (qualified) bonuses are paid quarterly.


Timing Is Everything and Could Not Be Better.

If you're a Fan here's a question; "Who has the majority of money in the Entertainment Industry?" If you say; The entertainment companies, guess what? YOU'RE WRONG! Answer: The "Fans” who are the Life blood of the Entertainment Industry. The Fans buy EVERY CD, DVD or TICKET sold and Fund the Entertainment Industry’s Billion Dollar Monopoly and EARN NOTHING. Now Fans, become part of the Entertainment Industry.

If you're an Entertainer, there is a need for true 's Protection, Direction, Fairness and Support. It's a FACT that over the years, many Entertainers have been taken advantage of, careers, ruined and cheated out of their products, projects and the rights of ownership to them. At FCI we show you how to be Your Own Independent Label. Entertainer's, at FCI if you're INDEPENDENT, YOU are in COMPLETE CONTROL and OWNERSHIP of ALL YOUR Entertainment Material!

If you're an Entertainment Company, at FCI we are Label Friendly; this includes: Record, Film, Stage, Sports, Promotion Companies and other business entities..At FCI we show you how to "Joint Network" with your Entertainers, build trust and entertainment success.

An FCI Survey shows 91% of the people believe the Entertainment Industry becomes Less Credible each year. In 2007-2009 the entire Entertainment Industry of music, movies, stage and sports earned over $421 Billion Dollars. -“Nielson Company Ratings”- With only only $6.8 Billion people on the entire planet; (-"U.S. Census Bureau"-) here's a question; Why isn’t there enough money to go around? The answer is simple: “GREED”!
At FCI, our Group Entertainment Marketing aka G.E.M.; “Joint Networks” “Fans”, “Entertainers” and Entertainment Companies to create the “NEW ENTERTAINMENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM”! This means more Business Development, Product Distribution and Customer Spending.

To find out more on how you can "Place Your Stake" and get in on the Ground Floor of our Marketing Expansion.


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People don't need Entertainment Idols, people need Opportunities!

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Meet CEO Rickie G. Tedford Sr. as he shares
"The Fan Club International Business Overview!"